Basic computer knowledge nowadays is essential for everyone, whether living in a developed or developing country. Our target group; poor girls of this area belong to economically weaker sections and generally they study up to school level only. As the economic and social background of the group is very poor, they cannot spend money on further higher studies in college or university. If they are provided with skill training in Computer Education, they will be able to seek jobs in private as well as Government concerns, since the need for candidates with knowledge in computer application is growing. This training is very useful to the girls for their employment opportunities. This centre has been established by us with the initiatives of a group of volunteers from the MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY, U.S.A. The volunteers also designed the logo EMPOWERMENT of this centre.

Communication skills in English is a must in India, having many states and different languages in usage. For higher studies and employment, fluency in English is very much needed for our student community here. Spoken English classes are conducted in our centre and volunteers from abroad are placed for this classes. Students, both girls and boys in around Virudhunagar attend the classes and the centre is very useful for improving their communication skills in English. Our heartful thanks to the volunteers from abroad for their efforts.


Our Behalf of our Organisation Ms. Paula and Ms. Franca distributing Loans to Our SHG Members

The poor women’s Self Help Groups by name PUTHU VASANTHAM (New Spring) is under the umbrella of our organization having a total number of 400 members.

Most of the members are from the depressed section and employed in manufacturing of match boxes earning meager wages of Rs. 15 to Rs. 20 per day, that too, if they work for 18 hours a day. They have no ample time to look after the children and it is a known fact that the studies of children are stopped even at the age of 7-9 and they become child labourers in the same field to get additional income to the family. They are forced to be in the same economical condition forever. If some additional financial help is provided to start some self employment, they can earn more income for their family and by which they can enjoy the benefits and assets of better meal, clothing and education to children, better medical care for family and free from bonded labourship and money lenders.

Loan is a millstone around their necks and our micro credit programme can bring lights in their lives.

The beneficiaries are mostly the deserted and widows, who are the heads of the family and to look after the dependents. The group leader is the chief person in the selection of the beneficiaries for loans by way of face to face discussions in weekly meetings.

Through this Micro Credit, we witness the improvement of the socio economic status of our women SHG members.


Small scale business by our member

Running a small shop
Cow rearing by our member

Every child on this earth should get shelter, food and education, but in reality, the number of children orphaned because of war, poverty and family problems increases every day.

The 1989 convention on the Rights of the child (CRC) adopted by the General Assembly of the UNITED NATIONS clearly envisages the Right to Survival with the basic needs of food, shelter, health and a reasonable standard of living. With our limited resources, we are running this Home for the orphaned, semi orphaned and abandoned children, providing them shelter, food, cloth, education and other basic needs such as health with a reasonable standard of living.
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